Texas International Airlines flight 655 left El Dorado, AR in a Corvair 600 (similar to above)
and crashed into Blackfork Mountain on Sept. 27th, 1973.  Please see this Wiki page for details.
The crash site is located at 34°42'640"N, 94°20'090"W
An excellent YouTube video on the crash site is below.

Below is a topo map of the Blackfork Mountain Trail with the location of the crash site.
Please note the legend at the bottom.  Once you leave the actual trail, it is a very rugged
bushwack down to the crash site.  I would highly recommend only attempting this in the
   late fall,winter, or early spring.  Otherwise, the poison ivy is thick, and the bugs are brutal.
Also, take a GPS.  The coordinates are included in the legend.

tia flight 655 crash site